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Xavier File
The Reign of Havok!


File:  Alexander Summers AKA Havok
Complete History and Backround

Alexander Summers is the younger brother of Scott, his parents being air force pilot Christopher Summers and his wife Katherine Anne. During a flight back from Anchorage, a Shi'ar Imperial freighter materialized above his family's plane. The Shi'ar wanted no witnesses, so the plane was set on fire. With only one parachute left, Kate Summers strapped Scott into it and tied Alex to him. She and Chris said their final good-byes to their children and pushed them out the plane door. They were teleported from the plane a moment before it exploded, and transported to the Shi'ar craft were they were kept as earth specimen. The explosion set the Summers brothers' parachute on fire. During the fall, Scott first manifested his optic beam to lessen the impact of the fall, and he shielded Alex from their landing with his body. Alex and Scott were brought to an orphanage in Omaha, Nebraska, secretly run by Mr. Sinister, who had registered Scott manifesting his mutant power. Sinister believed that Scott was the Summers brother with the most potential, so he had Alex adopted away from the orphanage to both separate them and render Scott emotionally vulnerable.

Alex was raised by the Blandings, whose son, Todd, was killed in a car accident, leaving them and their daughter disturbed. They constantly tried to make Alex fit into their image of their son, which he tried to do as best as he could. When the boy who killed Todd kidnapped Alex and his foster sister Haley, and then tried to blow up their house, Alex manifested his powers for the first time, incinerating the boy. Sinister appeared, quite surprised that Alex's potential even exceeded that of Scott, but unfortunately he seemed lacking any control over his gift. He placed psi-blocks on both Alex and Haley, causing them to forget everything that happened that night.

Alex continued to grow up, and eventually became a very good geophysics student in college. When he graduated, his brother Scott and his teammates among the X-men visited the campus, only to witness Alex getting kidnapped by men in Egyptian garbs. As Cyclops, Scott followed, and in the Living Pharaoh's lair Alex used his power by pure instinct, when the Pharaoh was about to kill Scott. Still the villain gained the upper hand again, and the reason for the kidnapping became apparent.

Both he and Alex were metabolizing the same kind of cosmic energy, keeping the Pharaoh from using his abilities to their full potential. Therefore he put Alex into an isolated containment box and the Pharaoh reached his full power, transforming into the gigantic Living Monolith. Yet Alex was able to generate a powerful plasma blast from inside his containment chamber, destroying the entire building, and disabling the Monolith. Alex believed himself to be too dangerous to be around others people, so he ran away.

In the desert, Alex was approached by the Sentinels, who had been restarted by Larry Trask. Taken to their base, Trask offered a way to control over his power. Alex agreed, and was given a costume that regulates his energy output and the code name Havok.

To spare another captive mutant, the magnetic Lorna Dane, from getting examined and tortured in Trask's labs, Havok continued to work for Trask. Unbeknownst to him, the Sentinels went after the X-Men, and soon the Iceman was captured too. Havok learned of the full scale of Trask's operation and opposed him, but they all were placed in stasis tubes. When the other X-Men arrived, they were one by one captured, only Cyclops remaining free. He managed to free his brother and together they blasted some of the robots, resulting in a big explosion. Cyclops dealt with the remaining Sentinels by outsmarting them with their own logic, however, Havok was severely injured by the debris.

The X-Men didn't want to go to a common hospital as it would have endangered their secret identities. Instead they found the address of a Dr. Karl Lykos in Xavier's notes and he was eager to help. Alex was taken to Lykos' practices for treatment, though in actuality, Lykos' treatment was to drain life force from his victims, feeding his own vampire urges. When he tried to absorb Havok's life force, the incredible amounts of mutant energy triggered his transformation into Sauron, a pterodactyl energy vampire. Without knowing that the creature was the same doctor they had met only hours before, the X-Men battled with Sauron till his energies were depleted. Returning to his home, Lykos once more wanted to leech off Havok, but he was intercepted by his girlfriend Tanya, and Alex was released with a clean bill of health.

Havok actively joined the X-Men and began a relationship with Lorna Dane, much to the anger of Iceman who too showed a romantic interest in the magnetic mutant. While the senior X-Men were busy in the Savage Land, Havok and Lorna were approached by Xavier about the imminent invasion of the alien Z'Nox. They never met the professor before and so they weren't as shocked as the other team members, who believed their mentor dead, while he in isolation had been preparing defenses against the aliens.

Shortly afterwards, the X-Men encountered a group called the Promise. They wanted to wait for the time after the final confrontation between humans and mutants, and only stepped out of their cryogenic chambers every ten years to check on the world's status and to recruit more members. In one of this occasions they targeted Lorna and Alex, as they had not yet been indoctrinated by Xavier, and could be easier influenced. However not all within the group agreed with the ways of leader Thomas Messenger and he was killed by Lucy Robinson, who also helped to free Alex from the chamber that would have put her in suspended animation for ten years. With the rest of the team fighting the Mole Man, Havok was the only one that could go to New York and try to aid the Fantastic Four in their battle against Namor and Magneto. Yet Alex never reached his destination as an angry mob thought he was part of Magneto's and Namor's invading army and so he had his first painful confrontation with anti-mutant hysteria.

Iceman couldn't accept that Lorna had chosen Alex over him. The two males often battled, and in one occasion, Havok lost control of his plasma burst, accidentally injuring Bobby. Shocked Alex immediately quit the team.

A few months later Xavier sent Lorna after him to ask him to come back. On her way to the south western deserts of the United States, Lorna was recognized by the Hulk, who mistook her for his former green haired lover Jarella. Once he saw his error, the Hulk felt deceived and got angry. Before things got serious, Havok intervened and battled the raging Hulk, demonstrating a control over his abilities he never had before. Realizing that he could make it as a hero, Havok agreed to come back.

On their way back to rejoin the X-Men, the pair were captured by the Secret Empire; the X-Men did not investigate as Xavier assumed that Lorna had not succeeded in making Alex return and instead chosen to retire with her lover together. Only long weeks later, the X-Men became aware that more and more mutants disappeared, and finally they rescued their friends with the help of the Falcon and Captain America.

After the X-Men's historic battle against the mutant island Krakoa, which required the recruitment of an entire new lineup of international mutants, the original team, including Havok, left the X-Men. Alex and Lorna decided to enroll in a college in Nevada for geophysical studies, but soon after, the pair were mind-controlled by the Shi'ar agent Eric the Red, who gave Lorna the code name Polaris.

The Shi'ar Empire wanted to prevent the meeting of Professor Xavier and princess Lilandra, and Eric the Red used his pawns to battle their former teammates various times though in the end the X-Men defeated them, and Professor X was able to free Havok and Polaris from Eric the Red's control.

To recover they stayed on Muir Island for some time, and later when Phoenix arrived, believing the X-Men dead, they helped her deal with the loss.

Not before long, the dangerous mutant Proteus escaped and to fight him the X-Men reunited.

after the X-Men departed from Scotland, Alex and Lorna too left and returned to they New Mexico to complete their degrees. For a time, Polaris and Havok led a happy life, only to be interrupted by the X-Men asking them to help as they were blackmailed by Arcade into battling Dr. Doom. Only reluctantly the couple followed their request, and immediately after they had freed the hostages from Arcade they returned to New Mexico.

When the X-Men met the Starjammers again during their many adventures, Corsair revealed this true identity to Cyclops, and as soon as the fights were over Christopher and Scott visited Alex and Lorna in New Mexico for a family reunion. The Summers brothers also learned of the existence of their grandparents, and soon they traveled to Alaska to meet them in person.

A few months later, Alex and Lorna found a stranded Brood ship in the desert. Alex wanted to warn the X-Men and visited the mansion, but he arrived at a bad time as the X-Men were on the run from the Marauders, who not only slaughtered the Morlocks, but also decimated the X-Men, with three members being mortally injured. Havok overheard their plan to go underground, so Psylocke erased the incident of his memory. Yet trained by Professor Xavier, Havok's psi-shields proofed to be too strong. He was having strange dreams of being attacked by the X-Men, so he went to New York again and tracked them to the Morlock tunnels. Psylocke dared not to tamper with his mind a second time, fearing she might damage it. The X-Men wondered what to do, as Havok knowing of their location would have endangered their plan. Hearing all this Havok felt that he was needed and fully rejoined, though he had no idea how to convince Lorna of his decision.

Turned out that he didn't need to, as in the meantime Polaris had been ambushed by the Marauders and possessed by the psychic entity Malice. When the X-Men battled the Marauders in San Francisco, Malice battled with Rogue and Dazzler. Havok joined, curious how this dangerous villains might look like, and found his lover, ready to kill him.

Shortly afterwards, during the Fall of the Mutants, the X-Men battled an mystical entity known as the Adversary, who was bent on destroying and remaking the multiverse. The event was broadcasted live on TV, and Havok angrily told the reporters how the X-Men time and again saved humanity, but they are always met with prejudice and fear.

In the battle, the X-Men's physical and spiritual essences were used as fuel for Forge's energy star that destroyed the Adversary and saved the multiverse. They, in effect, died. Roma, a prisoner of the Adversary and guardian of the multiverse, used her powers to recreate the X-Men from scratch. The X-Men decided to keep up the illusion that they were dead, in order to police mutant kind without interference. To help them in this matter, Roma rendered the X-Men present, as well as their friend Madelyne Pryor, invisible to cameras and all forms of detection equipment. After defeating the Reavers, the X-Men took their Australian outback base as their own headquarters.

Investigating Havok's earlier Brood sighting, the X-Men found that the aliens had been targeting mutants as their new hosts. In order to save the life of team leader Storm, Havok was forced to use his power at lethal force, something he had always feared since manifesting his plasma blast. As if he wasn't feeling guilty enough already, Alex had to watch as the dead Brood transformed back to his former human appearance.

Stuck in the middle of nowhere, Alex and Madelyne slowly found themselves drawn to each other. Both felt betrayed by their lover and so they started some sort of relationship. However Maddie was already influenced by Limbo demons who had awakened her latent powers, and soon she caused Inferno in New York, now fully transformed into the Goblyn Queen, with Havok as her Prince by her side. When X-Factor and X-Men met, Madelyne manipulated brother against brother, and Havok accused Cyclops of abandoning his wife when she most needed him. Soon the truth behind Madelyne Pryor was revealed. She was actually a clone of Jean Grey empowered by a fraction of the Phoenix Force. The knowledge of this drove her insane and she died in battle with the X-Men and X-Factor while trying to sacrifice her son to gain more power.

When Havok and Wolverine were vacationing in Mexico, they were suddenly targeted by some terrorists. They managed to deal with their chasers, but were fooled by a damsel in distress, who actually belonged to the terrorists. Havok woke up in a hospital, in the care of nurse Scarlet McKenzie (the assassin without disguise). She slowly manipulated Havok and made him fall in love with her. Scarlett was working for the Russian Scientist Dr. Neutron, AKA Meltdown, who wanted to use Havok as a means to absorb the entire energy of an atom reactor breaking down and transmute it into himself. Scarlett fed Alex with false information that terrorists were trying to sabotage the plant, and when he ventured into the heart of the reactor he found it shortly before reaching critical limit. According to plan Havok tried to absorb the dangerous radiation, and when he witnessed Dr. Neutron killing Scarlett, he shot his plasma at him, making him stronger. The timely arrival of Wolverine prevented a full disaster and after Logan killed the scientist, Alex redirected the nuclear radiation into space. For Alex's sake, Logan kept Scarlett's betrayal secret, as he was still trying to get over the back plotting of Madelyne Pryor.

With some members absent for different reasons, the X-Men were easy prey for Nanny and the Orphan Maker, who attempted to transform them into kids and brainwash them. Only the strong willed Storm resisted and fought Nanny's craft in aerial combat, requiring all of the villains' attention. This allowed the X-Men to snap out of their mental control, and still disoriented Havok blasted her craft out of the sky, realizing too late that Ororo would be buried by the debris. The X-Men found their leader's dead body at the crash site and held a funeral.

Not before long the remaining X-Men received a distress call from Lorna Dane, who was regaining dominance over her mind and body. However they reached her, Polaris was kidnapped to the Savage Land where her supposed sister Zaladane stripped her of her magnetic powers. Havok and his friends followed and helped Lorna to escape, but then were teleported to the Australian outback by the mysterious Gateway.

Warned by a precognitive vision Psylocke knew that the team would not survive another encounter with the Reavers. Already sensing the cyborg's approach she suggested to escape through the Siege Perilous.

The mystic crystal portal would grant each of them a new take on life, free of the baggage of their current existence. Dazzler and Colossus were easily convinced, however Havok did not trust Betsy and needed a telepathic push.

Havok was apparently dropped, amnesiac, into the streets of Genosha, the country that used mutants and genetically-engineered slaves called Mutates. He soon became a high-ranking Magistrate in the Genoshan army. His fellow X-Men had no idea of what had happened to him until during the X-Tinction Agenda, the Genoshan government kidnapped members of the mutant teams X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants. Wolfsbane of the New Mutants was turned into one of the mindless mutates too.

During a pitched battle with his brother, Cyclops, Havok's memory returned, but he kept it a secret, hoping to catch the Genoshan leader Cameron Hodge off guard. He succeeded, and was the one to deliver the killing blow to Hodge.

After the battle was over, he and Wolfsbane stayed in Genosha to make sure that the country would no longer violate the rights of it's mutate population.

A few weeks later, while they both tried to gain control of their lives again, they were approached by Valerie Cooper to join the new government sponsored X-Factor team. On Professor Xavier's request they agreed and joined Strong Guy, Quicksilver, Multiple Man, and Polaris, with Havok as the head of X-Factor.

They faced their first threat of Sinister and Ricochet and came out with flying colors. They fought such foes as the Mutant Liberation Front, Rhapsody, and the Hell's Belles, but despite his successes as a leader, Havok was insecure and constantly compared himself to his older brother Scott, who has been leading for years. Alex admitted his insecurities in a psycho logic session with Dr. Leonard Samson.

They also met a mutant bounty hunter known as Random, who Havok dealt with by offering him double his bounty! X-Factor met a group of Genoshan refugees dubbed the X-Patriots, who had escaped from Genosha prior to the downfall of the old government. Havok convinced them to return to Genosha, and brought X-Factor with them as a sign of peace. While there, they discovered dark secrets. Wolfsbane found out, that when she was forced to undergo the mutate process, she was the genetically bonded to Magistrate Summers AKA Havok. This link explained most of her odd behavior like the attraction to Alex and her jealousy towards Polaris. Also, they found that hundreds of Mutates were suffering from a fatal degeneration disease, an early version of Stryfe's Legacy Virus. Havok brought the team back to America, but Wolfsbane left for Muir Island to try and have the genetic bond between them broken. She couldn't stay there, however, because being away from him hurt.

Since X-Factor no longer got along with Val. Cooper, Forge was named as the team's new governmental liaison. Forge dared Havok to explain why he shouldn't restart X-Factor from scratch. Alex should provide reasons for why each member of the odd lineup was requested and Havok did. However secretly it was a test for himself, as Forge had wanted to know how dedicated the leader was and if he could defend his team.

Days later, the team battled Haven, a fanatic terrorist who believed that when the Mahapralaya came, the world would be destroyed and a new golden age would come about after it. She tried to bring it about early, but when X-Factor tried to stop her, she took the now almost totally out-of-control Wolfsbane through a Pralaya, moving her in and out of pocket dimensions, and cured her of the genetic bond. However, when she tried to cure Multiple Man of the Legacy Virus, she failed, killing him. Havok took blame for this, and began to tear himself apart because of it. Alex did not attend the funeral, but visited the grave site later, after the others had left. Mourning Jamie's death, he questioned his leadership again and decided to quit the team.

Yet Polaris tracked him down by his credit card bills, and found Alex vacationing on Hawaii. She managed to cheer him up, but then the couple was targeted by Malice again. She was on the run from Mr. Sinister, who wanted to make her possess Polaris once more, but she did not want to become permanently bonded again, so she possessed Alex and tried to kill Lorna, thus eliminating the possibility of them ever merging again.

Yet Sinister and Nasty Boys intercepted sooner than anticipated, and quickly took control of the situation. He threatened to kill Havok if Lorna would not allow Malice to take over, and despite the long months of being controlled before, Polaris accepted. Yet while the transfer took part, Havok realized what was happening. Not wanting his lover to be controlled by the psychic entity again, he tried to pulled Malice back inside, and in the end the discorporate form left both of them in agony. Sinister was angered by his Marauder's performance and snapped her neck, thus killing her. Much to their surprise, Sinister did not want to fight Alex and Lorna, so they were free to go.

Alex' bad fortune continued when Strong Guy suffered a heart attack, and Wolfsbane left the team to be with her foster mother Moira MacTaggert on Muir Island. Weeks later, after capturing the criminal Mystique, Havok's powers raged out of control, destroying a dam. He was taken to Department H for treatment, but was kidnapped by Scarlett McKenzie, apparently back from the dead. She was taking him back to Genosha, but he caused the plane to crash land in Japan, where the remains of X-Factor, Forge, Polaris, Wildchild, and Mystique herself, followed him and saved him from both Scarlett and the assassin known as Fatale. Havok was once again confined to the regulator costume he used to wear.

He returned to X-Factor, but was kidnapped by Random a few weeks later, and brought to McCoy, the so called Dark Beast from the Age of Apocalypse. He was brainwashed, ultra charged with power and put in charge of McCoy's lackeys, including Fatale, Post, and Random.

McCoy then came to serve Onslaught, and offered his team's services to him.

At the Brand Corporation's Sentinel plant they had to battle X-Factor, and Polaris didn't believe her eyes, as she had thought Havok departed to sort out his messy life. The Dark Beast succeeded in launching the Sentinels, but he and his team were defeated. Havok and his teammate Random, however, escaped, as Alex blasted his plasma discharge against his former lover in full force, causing Lorna to go into cardiac arrest.

Havok returned, apparently cured of McCoy's brainwashing, but now leading the Brotherhood in an attempt on the life of J. Jonah Jameson, publisher of the Daily Bugle. In a free fall battle with his brother, Havok told Cyclops, For the first time in his life he was of his own mind. No one controlled him. He said that he was in control. He then teleported away and left Cyclops to die. Storm saved him, but Havok escaped.

Next, he attacked a government installation, breaking out Fatale and the Dark Beast. He made it clear to both them and the government agents that the Brotherhood would keep the peace between humans and mutants ... through any means necessary. Next, Havok recruited young Nate Grey, the X-Man, for his Brotherhood. With Nate's help, the Brotherhood saved the Canadian mutant Aurora from Department H. They also stole a lethal gas called Cold Snap, as a fail safe weapon. Nate didn't trust the Brotherhood with the gas, and destroyed it, causing the Brotherhood's base to explode, while Havok and the others escaped.

Though he gave McCoy free reign of their headquarters, Havok didn't trust him. He was working with the former Gene National, Ever, and together they worked on a way to expose McCoy's dark secrets and stop his genetic experiments. However, when Havok, Ever, and his former teammate Shard tried to free the humans McCoy had been experimenting on, he was repulsed by the X.U.E, a team of three mutants from Bishop's timeline, who traveled back to the present using Shard as a temporal anchor, and grafted their essences onto three recently dead bus accident victims. The X.U.E. told Havok that in their future, he had released these humans who, unknown to Alex, had been carriers of the Legacy Virus. Because of his actions, millions of humans died, further fanning the flames that caused the creation of the Omega Sentinels and building of anti-mutant settlement camps. Havok's group joined with the X.U.E. to stop McCoy and change the future.

Afterwards, Havok, Shard, and the three future mutants, Fixx, Archer, and Greystone, formed the new X-Factor. Havok also met with Polaris who had been recovering from injuries inflicted by Sabretooth. He tried to make up with her, explaining that he was working undercover the whole time, not wanting to waste the chance of investigating the Dark Beast's operations from within. Lorna could understand, though not forgive him for betraying and even trying to kill her. She ended their yearlong relationship, although she agreed to become part of the new team, as well as Multiple Man, Jamie Madrox. (who survived as it was only one of his duplicates who contracted the Legacy Virus)

However Greystone developed a severe casely of temporal insanity, and he tried to use a slipshod time machine to return to his own time. Havok attempted to stop him, but the time machine exploded, apparently killing Greystone and Havok.

Though his body was destroyed, Alex's mind was transported to another reality, where he took over the body of his counterpart, who too was on the brink of death as he had been shot by Sentinels. In this reality, Alex was leader of The Six, a team consisting of himself and altered versions of the Goblyn Queen, Iceman, Beast, Archangel, and Storm, known here as Marvel Woman, Iceman, Brute, the Fallen, and Bloodstorm.

Here, Cyclops was taken into space twenty years ago along with their parents, and Alex was married to Madelyne Pryor, and the father of their child, Scotty, named after his long missing older brother. Havok took the place of this dimension's Alex Summers as leader of The Six, though little Scotty recognized that he wasn't the same person anymore.

Originally, this reality seemed a step up from Havok's home world. mutant-human relations were on the upswing, and The Six had been given government clearance along with the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Madelyne, however, succumbed to her dark side, became the Goblyn Queen, and took over the minds of the other four members of The Six. Havok escaped with Scotty and his nanny Elektra, and they joined forces with Magneto's X-Men in combating Madelyne. In the end, Scotty used his developing psychic powers to purge the Goblin Force, destroying it and causing Madelyne to disappear as well. Love seemed to blossom between Havok and the Elektra.

Brute, Iceman, and Bloodstorm were released from her control, but the Fallen was naturally evil to begin with, and left to rejoin Apocalypse. Havok set about rebuilding The Six, but the world took a turn for the worse when the government declared war on mutants. Blaming the sub-race for the Goblyn Queen, the federal government nuked the X-Men at their mansion and sanctioned SHIELD to hunt down all mutants. Havok and his teammates were forced to fight on the run, though the Six received two new members, Captain America and Gambit, and allies in Cerebro, and Ariel, the true Jean Grey who was believed to be deceased on this world.

While visiting Elektra and Scotty where they were hiding in Manhattan, the Six encountered the Fallen and other Horsemen of Apocalypse trying to kill Professor Xavier, who had also been believed dead. Xavier was revealed to be the villian, however, and Havok joined forces with Ariel and Apocalypse against the professor. Magneto and the X-Men had apparently faked their deaths and, along with the Six and the Horsemen, joined in the battle against the evil Xavier. When Xavier was defeated, Alex sent Scotty to live with Elektra and the X-Men on their moon base.

Once Havok was offered to return home through a detour through the negative zone. Yet when the portal was opened a strange entity appeared and battled with the Six. His teammates told Havok to go, as they could handle the beast themselves, but Havok was not so sure. Also he wondered why he would want to return to a reality where he was always in Cyclops' shadow and Polaris broke up with him. Havok turned back and helped the Six to send the creature back into the Negative Zone, destroying the portal in it's wake.

Later, during a three-way battle with the Avengers and the Canadian Super Soldiers, Captain America went insane and manifested tremendous energy powers, as he was actually linked to the Beyonder. The resulting battle between him and Havok incinerated the Avengers and even destroyed the moon. Cap was defeated, and the X-Men escaped the moon, but the energy backlash unleashed the Beyonder from deep within the Earth.

In the resulting conflict, Doctor Strange and the Defenders arrived to aid Havok, and Alex learned that he had become the living host of the Nexus of All Realities.

Tapping into this wellspring of power, Havok managed to defeat the Beyonder and the returning Goblyn Force. As a result of the battle, however he was once more trapped in the eternal blackness between dimensional space.

Recently, Havok has reappeared in his own universe.  It is unknown to how he got back, and how long he has been back, but he has been back for at least a year.  He was living at the Rosy manor convalescent hospital in upstate New York under the name of Mr. Doe.  He is in a state of woken coma, unable to do anything at all.  He is under the care of his nurse, Annie Ghanzikhanian, who has shown a great amount of care and kindness for him. 

While taking Havok outside to get some sun, Annie noticed his picture in a newspaper, and found out that he was an X-Men, and a mutant.  After finding out his true identity she later called and left a message for Scott Summers telling him that Alex is alive, and in her hospital.

When Scott was coming to the hospital to pick up Alex, Annie was saying her goodbyes.  She told him her true feelings and hopes for the two of them.  Told him that she was in love with him.  When Scott finally arrived, she asked him if Alex had someone to care for him.  Scott told her that Alex was in love with someone else before the accident.  Annie then told Scott that Alex would still need a nurse.

Alex is brought back to the school, along with Annie, who is to be the school's nurse.  Xavier attempts to make contact with Alex's mind through telepathy, and try to bring it back to his body.  When Xavier is in the astral plane, he senses that Alex is in great pain and scared, but is unable to help him.  Xavier later tells Annie that he will not give up on trying to help Alex, and that he feels great pain in not being able to help one of his students.....

Note:  Information on this page came from comics and other imformation websites.