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Character Profile
Xavier File
The Reign of Havok!

Havok's Team Affiliations
Team members and summaries.

Team Members:  Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Havok, Angel, Polaris, Iceman,
A group of mutants who have dedicated their lives to the dream of their mentor, Professor Xavier.  The X-Men help police some of the evil mutant problems and fight for the unity of humans and mutants.
X-Men Australia
Team Members:  Storm, Havok, Psylocke, Colossus, Rogue, Longshot,
                          Dazzler, Wolverine
A group of mutants based in Australia following the dream of Professor Xavier.  Considered outlaws, they fight for the day where humans and mutants will live together in unity.  They also help police some of the evil mutant menances, and anti-mutant factions.
X-Factor II
Team Members:  Havok, Polaris, Strong Guy, Quicksilver, Forge,
                         Wolfsbane, Random, Multiple Man, Val Cooper
This Team became a government unit, led by Havok and Val Cooper as their government liaison.  X-Factor investigated menaces that were believed to be of a superhuman nature for the government.
X-Factor III
Team Members:  Havok(short time), Forge, Mystique, Sabretooth,
                          Polaris, Wildchild, Shard
This team functioned in the same ways as X-Factor II, but were cut off from the government and were working underground.  Havok led the team for a while, but was kidnapped.  Forge then took over the team.
Brotherhood (of Mutants)
Team Members:  Havok, Dark Beast, Fatale, Ever, X-Man, Random,
Havok and his Brotherhood committed terroristic activities designed to protect mutants from humanity.  In reality, however, the Brotherhood was a sham, a front for Havok and Ever's plan to expose McCoy and stop his evil genetic experiments.
X-Factor IV
Team Members:  Havok, Polaris, Multiple Man, Shard, Fixx, Greystone,
Havok formed this team after defeating the Dark Beast.  This X-Factor would neither work from underground or for the government.  They would be a pro-active team like the X-Men and the Avengers.
The Six(Mutant X)
Team Members:  Havok, The Fallen(former), Marvel Woman(former),
                          The Brute, Gambit, Ice-Man, Captian America,
The Six were America's premier super-hero team in the Mutant X Universe.  Havok led this team, and felt that they were everything that he had hoped for in X-Factor.
Factor-X(Age of Apocalypse)
Team Members:  Cyclops, Dark Beast, Havok, Northstar, Aurora,
                          Bedlam Brothers, Cannonball, Amazon
An elite team of Mutants under the rule of Apocalypse.  They were in charge of rounding up mutants for the Sinister's pen and were also in charge of running and guarding it.  There, Sinister and Dark Beast performed genetic experiments.  Havok's role on the team was second-in-command, but was later promoted after Cyclops' betrayal.

For more details on these teams and what they did, please check out the Xavier File.