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The Reign of Havok!

Havok Quotes

"It's what it's ALWAYS been about, Scott.  It's about control!  From the moment our mother tossed us out of that plane......both you and I, our lives have been in freefall!  I'm through with no longer being in control of my powers -- My own mind!  I refuse to be hunted by one Sentinel after the next!  I can think of eight different incidents when my thoughts have been controlled by one mutant lunatic or another......since the moment I was first dragged into the X-Men!  NEVER AGAIN Cyclops!  From this moment on, I AM IN CONTROL!"
~ Uncanny X-Men #339

"You know the X-Men's line by now, I'm sure -- you've run into enough of Xavier's toy soldiers already to have it memorized, I suppose -- -- All about mutants policing mutants, protecting humanity from the worst of homo superior......The usual "Be-nice-to-them-and-maybe-they'll-be-nice-to-us" position.  My Question to you, Nate -- -- What's wrong with mutants fighting for mutants, defending them from the worst of HUMANITY..?"
~ X-Man #28

"Now you're on their side too, Shard?  Fine.  Get in line.  And you will ALL fall."
~ X-Factor #144

"I'm no longer everyone's puppet!  I will not be used!  I do not need any of you any longer!  I am Alex Summers!  I am HAVOK!  All ties are BROKEN!"
~ X-Factor #131

"I remember...dying.  But mostly...I remember..LIVING!"
~ Mutant X #32

"Why do you think they call me HAVOK!?"
~ Unknown Comic Issue

"Security alert, Morg -- X-Men in the Citadel!  Whoever you are, you're wearing my lady's uniform.  If you HARMED her to get it -- I'LL MAKE YOU PAY!"
~ Uncanny X-Men #271

"And only Magneto can lead us to salvation, is that it?  Don't make me laugh!"
~ Uncanny X-Men #219

"So...What is "X-Factor"?  What makes us different than any other mutant teams?  The X-Men, Generation X, X-Force...How do we approach things any differently than them?  In the past we were the Government's is team, but that's over.  We all claim to be striving to fulfill Charles Xavier's dream of human and mutant coexistence, but all we seem to do is battle other mutants and stick to the shadows.  I want to change that.  I want us to get proactive, take risks and go public as heroes.  Let's go out there and stop a few of the criminals usually reserved for the Avengers.  Let's influence public opinoin with our actions.  Some humans are still going to hate us, but...they do anyway.  We can do it.  Especially now that were being rejoined by Polaris and Madrox.  Well make a difference whether the world accepts us or NOT."
~ X-Factor #149

More quotes to be added as I get them.