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Updates and News


Character Profile
Xavier File
The Reign of Havok!

What's new??
Updates, News, and Coming Attractions

11/22 - Updated for current Havok appearance!!
10/07 - Added X-Men and X-Men Australia teams to Affiliations
10/03 - New Havok image in Image Gallery!!
           New Havok info in Xavier File, Appearances, and Character
09/05 - Updated Xavier File, Appearances, and Character profile with
               new Havok info!!
08/31 - Links Section Reformated!!
08/29 - NEW LAYOUT!!!
08/28 - Update section is ready!!
08/27 - Renamed sections of this website!!
               Team Monitoring System to Affiliations
               Mutant Imaging Processor to Images
               Mutant Audio Files to Quotes
               Cerebro Mutant Search to Appearances
           Changes to the Destruction page!!  Feedback has been 
           New Updates section!!  Too bad it's not complete.
08/22 - Rewrote current Havok information in Xavier File!!
08/21 - Xavier File, Cerebro Mutant Search, and Character Profile
               have all been updated with current information on Havok!!
08/11 - Image added to Others section in Image Gallery!!
07/30 - Reformated Links section!!
           Quotes in Mutant Audio Files!!
07/15 - A brand new section added!!  Team Monitoring System!!
           Image section is completely done for now...!!
           Comic added to checklist!!

08/21 - Havok is back.  He appeared in Uncanny X-Men #411.  For
           further information on this please check out the Character
           Profile and Xavier File sections.

Coming Attractions...
  • Age of Apocalypse section
  • Mutant X section
  • Fan art section - I will need your help with this section. Please feel free to send me any fan art that you would like to see on here.  It can be of Havok or anything related to Havok.  I would really appreciate it.  You would get full credit for your art.  It's yours, and you don't deserve anything less.  So if you would like to see your art on this website, then feel free to e-mail it to me at