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The Reign of Havok!
Character Profile
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Welcome to the Reign of Havok!

The Ultimate Havok Site.  Your #1 source for everything Havok

For those Havok fans out there and those who wish to know about the mutant known as Alexander Summers aka Havok.

Alex Summers.  Former leader of X-Factor, former leader of The Six, and former X-Man.  This site is dedicated to the mutant known as Havok.  He lives in a world that fears and hates him, but he has sworn to protect it.  A mutant who stands up for the rights of other mutants, and fights to make the world better.  This site contains a complete bio, a thorough history, various pictures, numerous quotes, a large checklist of Havok appearances, and more.  Fulfill all of your Havok needs here.  You are now under the Reign of Havok!
"From this moment on, I AM IN CONTROl!"

Stop crying, and just cry Havok!!!!

Webmaster - Raziel